Physical Exercise

Along with healthy eating and good sleep patterns, physical activity is a vital part of keeping our bodies fit and strong. It keeps our energy levels up, helps reduce stress levels and keeps us feeling good.


Modern Living

We are all spending much more time sitting these days. We work and play in seats more than ever before. Many jobs are now desk jobs, replacing physical labour. And TV, video games and DVDs have become a big part of people's spare time.
So exercise is not a part of daily life like it used to be. We now have to make an effort and factor exercise into our lives. But it doesn't have to be a chore or cost money, exercise should be fun and it can be included into your normal day.

Remember.... any movement is an improvement!

  • Climb stairs instead of using lifts or escalators.
  • Ride bikes or walk whenever you can. You only need to plan your day a little better and you will save money and the environment.
  • Walking the dog is also a good way of improving your fitness, and your dog will love it too.
  • At lunchtime, go for a walk with a friend instead of sitting down talking - you can talk while you walk. Get out into nature!
  • Have a game of football, cricket or basketball (or any other game).
  • Cook healthy meals at home.
  • Make use of whatever is around you to fit your physical activity into everyday life.