Practice Based Commissioning

1. What is it?

Practice based commissioning gives practices and professionals the freedom to develop innovative, high quality services for patients.

PBC requires CCGs and practices to work together to provide:

  • Fair budgets.
  • Excellent information
  • Freedom to move resources around in the interest of patients.
  • Freedom to develop new and better patient care pathways.
  • Good support and quality assurance.
  • No bureaucracy and transaction overheads.
  • Strong, transparent governance and accountability.

You will soon start to hear and read about Practice based Commissioning and you need to understand what this may mean for you and your doctors’ surgery. 
As far as patients are concerned, it will mean very little change in the immediate future, but over the next year or so, some services which you may have had to travel to hospital for, may be re-arranged so that you can be treated at your own surgery or at premises closer to your home. 
In technical terms, some of the money currently used by the Clinical Commissioning Group to pay for hospital services, for example, outpatient appointments, will be used by the family doctors (GPs) in your area to provide the service more locally.

2. How will it affect my treatment?

Most patients will notice very little change. It is mainly those who would normally be referred to a major hospital for treatment, who may find that they are offered the choice of treatment at their local surgery, or somewhere else closer to home. An example could be for patients who need a cataract operation. This procedure can now be done safely, by the same surgeons, in a doctor’s surgery and offers easy car parking with treatment in surroundings many patients will be used to.

3. Why are these changes taking place?

The changes are designed to simplify the way in which treatment is offered and do this closer to the patient’s home. Another example of this is a proposal to treat certain diabetic conditions, where patients need to take insulin. Many of these patients presently have to travel to Cromer or Norwich, but under the new plan would be treated at a range of doctors’ surgeries.

4. Who can answer any questions that I may have about this?

The Chief Executive, John Fraser, will be able to explain things in more detail.

5. Business plans

The practice is a member of the North Norfolk Health Consortium made up of over 15 local practices. Dr Joshi from this practice is on the executive committee of the organisation. It is expected that over the coming year the CCG will develop its Practice Based Commissioning Plans and the practice will be participating in them.